Navigating your healthcare options is challenging and becoming more complicated, especially with a wide variety of insurance options, the advent of Covid-19 and changing landscape of how we do life each day.

We’ve included some links and resources to help you along the way.

There’s an APP for that!!!! Have you heard about skin care apps?
These smartphone tools have been deployed for early detection and intervention. Read more >>>

Virginia Department of Health
Read more >>>

Corona Virus Information and vaccination resources:
VDH COVID-19 Resources and Data Read more >>>
VDH COVID-19 Vaccination Response Read more >>>

Health Insurance Basics
Understanding your health insurance policy has become a tricky thing in recent years. Copay vs. deductible? Medicare replacement vs supplement? How to get coverage when your situation changes? Taking the time to understand your coverage, your options is a lot to process. We’ve provided a few resources below to help you navigate the maze of health insurance. Ultimately it’s up to you, the patient and consumer, to understand what your financial responsibility is when it comes to your bill, also what right’s you have when you have a dispute… we’re always happy to help you find the answers to your questions.

There are a few ways that health insurance companies might share costs with you, and they make up major features of your health insurance plan that you need to be aware of: your deductible, your copayment, your coinsurance, and your out-of-pocket limit. Read more >>> Marketplace
See what Marketplace plans cover. Read more >>>

Accutane Notice
Call to action imploring the FDA to help address the crisis with the iPLEDGE system. Read full statement here

Do you have a mole or patch of skin that has changed in appearance or has become painful or irritated?
If a mole or patch of your skin has changed in color, size, shape, or symptoms such as irritation, inflammation, burning or bleeding have begun it’s time to schedule an appointment…. Changes such as those could be a sign or early warning of skin cancer.

Are you struggling with stubborn Acne?
No matter what you do… new products, diet changes, etc… your ACNE won’t clear up. Acne is a common and easily treatable condition, there are many options we can offer to help ease the stress of breakouts….give yourself the gift of a healthier complexion by scheduling an appointment.

Are you having an allergic reaction?
Do you have a rash that won’t clear up or itchy hives? Do you notice your skin has become sensitive to things that never bothered you before? Sometimes these are the first signs of a worsening allergic reaction or symptom of another health concern that only a professional is trained to see.

Skin Irritation?
Extremely dry, itchy, red, flaky skin becoming a problem? Lotions and creams aren’t providing any relief? You may think that the cause of your dry skin is the weather, sensitivity to skincare products, or even genetics…. What you are struggling with could be a chronic skin condition.

Nail disorders, ingrown nails, fungus…
We can help you get to the bottom of what is going on… discolored thick nails? Fungal infection? Unexpected wart? These conditions can be a sign of more serious underlying conditions such as liver disease, heart conditions, anemia or diabetes. Scheduling an appointment with us can help identify a condition that may not have been identified otherwise.

Worsening hair loss or unusual scalp sensations?
Are you concerned that your hair is thinning? Is this going to create a lasting impact on your life? Is this normal or is something else the cause? Itchy, sore or burning scalp may be an early sign of a scalp disorder… We have helped many people find the answers they need.