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  • I treat all conditions related to skin, hair and nails, with special interest in and detailed expertise in the early detection of skin cancer and, in particular, malignant melanoma. Additionally, I provide treatment for acute rashes and chronic skin conditions such as severe psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, or “eczema.” Staying true to my passion for learning, I read prolifically literature related to dermatology and try to keep abreast of new techniques and treatments for the management and cure of skin related diseases and conditions.

    Dr. Hayri Sangiray, DO


Feel Good About the Skin You’re In

Have you been struggling with stubborn acne? Itchy patches of skin? Worsening allergic skin reactions? Changes in the appearance of a mole or freckles? Have a cyst or bug bite that isn’t healing? Hair thinning? These are just a few of the conditions we treat! We’re here to address your skin concerns and to educate you on how to protect your skin from the daily stresses it combats and how you can take steps to ensure it’s in optimum shape all year long.

Disorders of the skin can be successfully treated with a wide range of medical dermatology treatments.

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Right Choice

Healthy skin is vital to your well being!

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense… Not only is it the largest organ in your body, it’s also the most versatile. Your skin is your primary protection from germs and the changing elements… your skin regulates your body temperature, provides you the ability to experience sensations and its health is your body’s most immediate way of letting you know of health concerns that may need to be addressed.

It makes sense to take the best care you can of your skin… as versatile and durable as it is , it’s ability to function optimally is susceptible to a variety of factors that can cause long term damage to it or worse… lead to cancer or other biological diseases if not addressed properly.

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